Who Killed Dr Lane Hunter?

Is the resident Cancelled?

The Resident will return to Fox with a new episode on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 8 p.m.


In the meantime, fans who continue tuning in will get to watch re-runs of season 4 episodes.

So, if you missed an episode or two and don’t have access to Hulu, you can still plan on watching the show..

Does Nic get fired in the resident?

Lily’s autopsy results show that she died of a potassium overdose, which Lane claims Nic was the only one to administer it. After Randolph Bell becomes CEO, he fires Nic to protect Lane and the hospital.

Does Bradley die in the resident?

He has heart disease. He dies as an effect of the broken heart valve from QuoVadis.

Does Julian die in the resident?

A few weeks back, Julian’s car was recovered, but she wasn’t in it — and on Monday’s episode, we finally learned whether Julian survived the crash. Not only did Julian make it out of the wreck alive, but she essentially escaped unscathed.

Did Dr Hunter kill Lily?

In Monday’s Season 1 finale, we saw Big Bad Dr. … But over the course of the season, Dr. Hunter — who was already nurse Nic Nevin’s biggest adversary — proved to be the biggest baddie of the season, directly leading to the death of beloved patient Lily Kendall by administering too much potassium during her treatment.

Do NIC and Conrad break up?

Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin Conrad and Nic had an on-off relationship. Their romantic relationship started before the Pilot, but for unknown reasons, they broke up and Conrad has been trying to win her back ever since.

Does Kyle die in the resident?

After refusing to donate his kidney to Jessie due to fear, Kyle changes his mind and undergoes the operation. … Later, either Kyle or Jessie codes and dies despite Conrad’s best efforts.

Is Season 3 of the resident over?

EpisodesSeasonEpisodesOriginally airedLast aired223May 6, 2019320April 7, 2020414May 18, 20211 more row

What happened to Dr Lane on the resident?

In After the Fall, Lane is released from prison, as Bell, posted her bail due to her manipulation. Later, Lane was shot to death by the brother of a deceased patient of hers, who want revenge for her mistreatment of both his sister and wife. She was killed instantly.

What episode does Lane Hunter get caught?

Run, Doctor, RunWhen Lane discovered that Nic was asking Allie Palmer (Lane’s assistant) for her files, she set up the Hunter Cancer Center to appear that it had been broken into, resulting in Nic’s arrest during the season’s penultimate episode, “Run, Doctor, Run”.