Quick Answer: Is The Place Beyond The Pines Scary?

What motorcycle is in The Place Beyond the Pines?

Suzuki DR-Z400Obviously, the bike above and for most of the movie is a Suzuki DR-Z400, which is one of the most capable, lightweight, urban getaway bikes around.

For some reason, in static displays and some promotional contests, the bike was a Honda CRF230L, done up to either look like the DR-Z or a 1990s Honda XR600/XR650L..

Is a Place Beyond the Pines on Netflix?

Yes, The Place Beyond the Pines is now available on American Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on October 3, 2017.

Why is The Place Beyond the Pines rated R?

“The Place Beyond the Pines” is rated R for language throughout, some violence, teen drug and alcohol use, and a sexual reference.

Where Was Place Beyond the Pines filmed?

SchenectadyThe independent film, released nationally on Friday by Focus Features, was shot entirely on location in and around Schenectady during the summer of 2011 and included hundreds of Capital Region extras.

What happens in a place beyond the pines?

Summaries. A motorcycle stunt rider turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child, a decision that puts him on a collision course with an ambitious rookie cop navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective.

How tall is Ryan Gosling Really?

1.84 mRyan Gosling/Height

How old is Ryan Gosling now?

40 years (November 12, 1980)Ryan Gosling/Age

Who is the baby in The Place Beyond the Pines?

JasonCast (in credits order) verified as completeRyan Gosling…LukeEva Mendes…RominaOlga Merediz…MalenaAngelo Anthony Pizza…Baby Jason (as Anthony Angelo Pizza Jr.)Mahershala Ali…Kofi98 more rows

What year is The Place Beyond the Pines set?

1997Plot. In 1997, Luke Glanton is a traveling motorcycle stuntman with a carnival. In Schenectady, Luke reunites with his ex-lover Romina Gutierrez, who is now dating another man named Kofi Kancam.

Is Place Beyond the Pines on Hulu?

*Watch The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) on Hulu either streaming online or on your favorite device. … HBO Max now has The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) streaming with a subscription.

Is The Place Beyond the Pines a true story?

Derek Cianfrance wrote the script based on the town his wife Shannon Plumb grew up in, Schenectady, New York. The film was mostly filmed there on-location. The phrase “Place Beyond the Pines” is actually the Native American meaning to the word “Schenectady.” … Derek Cianfrance had only seen him in Animal Kingdom (2010).

Is The Place Beyond the Pines sad?

Review: Derek Cianfrance’s ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ Is Sad, Powerful and Strengthened By Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. … The director’s latest effort, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” contains a far more ambitious structure that covers four overlapping character arcs over the course of 15 years.

Who wrote The Place Beyond the Pines?

Derek CianfranceDarius MarderBen CoccioThe Place Beyond the Pines/Screenplay

Is The Place Beyond the Pines worth watching?

The Place Beyond The Pines is worth a watch but just be prepared to have you’re socks blown off and then have them planted firmly back on your feet as the film continues. 371 out of 485 found this helpful.