Quick Answer: Is Omotola Daughter Married?

How old is Omotola Jalade first daughter?

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde celebrates her first daughter Princess as she turns 22..

Is Omotola Jalade a doctor?

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Nigerian actress, has bagged a honorary doctorate degree from the Igbinedion University, Okada (IUO), Edo state. … “Dr Mrs Omotola Jalade Ekeinde,MFR, Honorary Doctor of Arts (D. Arts) .

How old is Bukky Wright?

54 years (March 31, 1967)Bukky Wright/Age

When did Omotola marry?

March 23, 1996 (Capt. Matthew Ekeinde)Omotola Jalade Ekeinde/Wedding dates

How old is Genevieve Nnaji now?

41 years (May 3, 1979)Genevieve Nnaji/Age

What is the name of Omotola first daughter?

PrincessPrincess is Omotola and Mathew Ekeinde’s first child. Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s eldest daughter, Princess, has returned home after completing her masters degree.

How old is patience ozokwor now?

62 years (September 14, 1958)Patience Ozokwor/Age

Who is Omotola’s husband?

Capt. Matthew Ekeindem. 1996Omotola Jalade Ekeinde/HusbandMarriage and family Omotola Jalade husband is Captain Matthew Ekeinde. The actress and Captain Mathew got married in a traditional ceremony in 1996.

How old is Omotola son?

Veteran Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s son Daniel Ekeinde turned 18 today April 20, 2020.

Does Genevieve Nnaji have a child?

Chimebuka NnajiGenevieve Nnaji/ChildrenSo, who, really, is Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter? Her name is Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji. Not much is known about her as she has been well protected from the public and the paparazzi. According to the Nollywood actress’s interview, she gave birth to her baby girl at the age of 17.

Is Omotola Jalade still acting?

Since her Nollywood film debut in 1995, Omotola has appeared in over 300 films, selling millions of video copies….Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.Omotola Jalade Ekeinde MFROccupationActress singer former modelYears active1995–presentSignature7 more rows

Who is Omotola daughter?

Princess EkeindeMeraiah EkeindeOmotola Jalade Ekeinde/Daughters

Who is dating Genevieve Nnaji?

Rapper LynxxNigerian Rapper Lynxx and Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji are currently dating. Lynxx who gave his life to Christ many years ago and became a changed man has been seen flaunting and flexing with Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji.

What is Genevieve Nnaji worth?

850 million NairaGenevieve Nnaji’s Biography, Net worth, Houses and Cars in 2021Real nameGenevieve NnajiDate of birth3 May 1979Country of OriginFederal Republic of NigeriaSource of WealthEntertainment, Endorsement and Real EstateNet worth850 million NairaMar 3, 2021