Question: Who Is Father Of Kajol?

Is Kajol beautiful?

KAJOL: A person’s point of view.

A lot of people are amazingly beautiful on the inside and when that confidence shines through on their faces; you think to yourself, ‘Oh My God.

I don’t know what it is about this woman… She’s so attractive and it can’t be her straight nose and fabulous lips..

Who is Kajol parents?

TanujaShomu MukherjeeKajol/ParentsKajol was around four-and-a-half years old when her parents, Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja, separated. While she had an ‘amazing upbringing’, she acknowledged that things could have gone drastically wrong and her childhood could have been very difficult.

Who is Kajols mother?


Bollywood connections: Kajol, Ayan Mukerji and Rani Mukerji are second cousins. The Mukerji family was said to be headed Sashadhar Mukerji, who was one of the founders of the Filmistan Studio, Mumbai. … This is how Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Ayan Mukerji share the same paternal family and are second cousins to each other.

How old is Kajol now?

46 years (August 5, 1974)Kajol/Age

Who is husband of Tanuja?

Shomu Mukherjeem. 1973–2008Tanuja/Husband

Who did Joy Mukherjee marry?

Neelamm. ?–2012Joy Mukherjee/Spouse

Are Kajol and SRK friends?

The two of them have been friends for over 25 years and are as thick as thieves, mind you! They’ve done 12 films together, all of which are still well-remembered by every 90s kid, especially. As fans continue to wish directors cast them together, Kajol and SRK are often questioned about each other during interviews.

Who is Tanuja sister?

NutanChatura SamarthReshma SamarthTanuja/SistersShobhana produced debut films for Tanuja and her older sister, Nutan. Her two other sisters are; Chatura, an artist, and Reshma, and her brother is Jaideep, none of whom took to acting. Tanuja married filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee in 1973. The couple has two daughters, actresses Kajol and Tanisha.

What is Kajol real name?

Kajol Mukherjee DevganKajol/Full nameKajol Devgn (née Mukherjee; born 5 August 1974), known mononymously as Kajol, is an Indian film actress.

How old is Kajol and Ajay?

46 years (August 5, 1974)Kajol/Age

Who is Kajol mother and father?

TanujaShomu MukherjeeKajol/Parents

Where is Kajol now?

According to the report, the actress will be staying in Singapore with Nysa for a couple of months. Kajol’s husband, actor Ajay Devgn, and their son Yug are currently in Mumbai.

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