Question: Which Is The First 200 Crore Movie In Bollywood?

Who is the No 1 movie in India?

HindiRankFilmWorldwide gross1Dangal₹2,024 crore (US$311 million)2Bajrangi Bhaijaan₹969.06 crore (US$150 million)3Secret Superstar₹966.86 crore (US$154 million)4PK.

Which actor has the most blockbuster hits in Bollywood?

Akshay KumarFollow UsRankNameHit1Akshay Kumar162Shahrukh Khan113Salman Khan84Ajay Devgn1433 more rows

How many zeros does 200 crore have?

9How many zeros in 200 crore? When we count the trailing zeros in 200 crore above, we see that the answer is 9.

Is Saaho hit or flop?

Saaho was released in India in theatres and IMAX on 30 August 2019. Despite receiving generally unfavorable reviews, it grossed ₹433 crore at the worldwide box office and was one of the highest-grossing Indian films of the year.

Who is highest paid actor in India?

star Akshay KumarIn 2019, the Hindi film star Akshay Kumar was the highest-paid actor in India with his earnings valued at over 2900 million Indian rupees.

Who is the most successful Khan in Bollywood?

Most commonly, this involves the Three Khans: Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. The three are unrelated, but happen to share the same surname, were all born in 1965, and, due to their longevity and high popularity, are considered as the most successful movie stars in the history of Indian cinema.

Who is No 1 actor in Bollywood 2021?

List Of Most Popular Actor In India for 2021SNActorTotal Votes1.Mr Faisu113552.Hasnain Khan107013.Sidharth Shukla45094.Siddharth Nigam375896 more rows

Which is the first 300 crore movie in Bollywood?

Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer ‘PK’, which released on December 19, 2014 was the first Indian film to enter the Rs 300 crore club. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film collected Rs 792 cr worldwide, and ‎₹340cr in India making it the highest-grossing Indian film of that year.

What is 1000 crore called?

Names of numbersHindustaniMarathiInternational notationSouth Asian EnglishTen arab / one thousand crore10,000,000,000खरब / کھرب (kharab)एक निखर्व (ek nikharva)100,000,000,000One kharab / one hundred arab / ten thousand crore28 more rows

How many hit movies of Akshay Kumar?

Akshay Kumar Movies List & Box Office CollectionTotal Releases112Hit/Semi-Hit20Average29Flop54(Hit+ Avg) Success Percentage51.78%1 more row

Who is the box office king of Bollywood?

Salman Khan is known as the King of the box-office in Bollywood. His films do great business whenever they release.

Who is box office king in Tamilnadu?

RajinikanthOver the years, Rajinikanth has established himself as the most bankable star in Tamil cinema and all of his films have had terrific opening numbers at the box office. ‘Kaala’ is produced by none other than Rajinikanth’s son-in-law and actor Dhanush’s home productions Wunderbar Films.

Who is No 1 actor in world?

Dwayne Johnson He is at the top among all the top 10 most popular Hollywood actors in the world 2021.

Who is flop actor in Bollywood?

Top Flops Count of Bollywood Actors – All Time ListActorsFlops (Flops & Disaster)1Mithun Chakraborty180 (Flop – 133, Disaster – 47)2Jeetendra106 (Flop – 91, Disaster – 15)3Dharmendra99 (Flop – 62, Disaster – 37)4Rishi Kapoor76 (Flop – 58, Disaster – 18)25 more rows•May 5, 2020

Which is the first 100 crore movie in Bollywood?

GhajiniAamir Khan was the founder-member of the club in 2008, when his Ghajini became the first Bollywood film to gross 100 crore at the box office, taking only 18 days (less than three weeks) to do so.

Who has more 200 crore club movies?

Actors who have made it to the 200 Crore clubRankActorNo. of FilmsRank 1Actor Salman KhanNo. of Films 6Rank 2Actor Aamir KhanNo. of Films 4Rank 3Actor Akshay KumarNo. of Films 2Rank 4Actor Shah Rukh KhanNo. of Films 228 more rows

Which is the first 400 crore movie in Bollywood?

DomesticNominalFilmYearNett milestoneBaahubali: The Beginning2015₹400 croreDangal2016₹400 croreBaahubali 2: The Conclusion2017₹500 crore8 more rows

Who has more 100 crore club movies in India?

Box Office king of Bollywood, Salman Khan has the most 100 crore grossers to his name….Actors With Most Movies In 100 Crore Club: Salman Khan Lead The Race.ActorNo. of FilmsHighest (Crore)Salman Khan15339.2Akshay Kumar14211Ajay Devgn1120614 more rows•Jan 2, 2020

Which Indian film earns most?

Baahubali 2Nominal grossRankFilmTotal gross1Baahubali 2: The Conclusion₹1,429 crore22.0₹565 crore3Dangal₹538.03 crore4Baahubali: The Beginning₹516 crore46 more rows

Who Is Best Actor in India?

Follow UsRankActorsStar Power1Shahrukh Khan177052Salman Khan160453Aamir Khan154804Akshay Kumar147303 more rows

Which Bollywood actor has most movies?

Shakti KapoorShakti Kapoor With the distinction of having appeared in more than 700 films throughout his four decades and a half long career, Kapoor is easily the actor to have done the most movies in Bollywood.

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