Question: What Happened To The Equalizer?

Is Queen Latifah playing the equalizer?

Hearing that Queen Latifah is playing the title role in a new iteration of “The Equalizer” — that combination of latter-day Robin Hood and action-movie vigilante — inspires equal measures of expectation and dread..

Who played Queen Latifah’s daughter in the equalizer?

Laya DeLeon Hayes(CBS Local)– Laya DeLeon Hayes is only 16 years old, but she is now one of the stars of one of the most talked about shows on television in “The Equalizer” on CBS. Hayes has the privilege of working alongside Queen Latifah and plays Latifah’s daughter on the show named Delilah.

What is Denzel Washington’s net worth?

How much is Denzel Washington worth?Net Worth:$255 MillionProfession:Professional ActorDate of Birth:December 28, 1954Country:United States of AmericaHeight:1.85 mJan 30, 2021

Does Ralphie die in the equalizer?

Ralphie goes to help McCall until he gets shot in the leg. McCall helps him escape until he’s left with Teddy after the explosion sets off the sprinklers. McCall gets a nail gun and shoots Teddy with it repeatedly until he gets him in the throat, killing him.

Who is Denzel Washington in the equalizer?

In The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2, Washington played Robert McCall, a former special services commando who faked his own death, but who re-emerges in the first of these films with his special set of skills to save a young girl from a Russian gang.

Is the equalizer on Netflix 2020?

Sorry, The Equalizer is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Canada and start watching Canadian Netflix, which includes The Equalizer.

Why do grain silos explode?

Because grain dust particles are extremely small, there doesn’t have to be a lot of it for an explosion to happen. of surface area and that surface area being exposed to oxygen makes it extremely flammable.” So all a grain elevator explosion is…is dust in the wind meeting a spark.

Where is the equalizer?

Jersey City’The Equalizer’ Filming Location: Queen Latifah’s House in Jersey City – DIRT. Looking for some Dirt?

Was the equalizer Cancelled?

The first season of The Equalizer averages a 1.51 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.82 million viewers. Find out how The Equalizer stacks up against other CBS TV shows. The Equalizer has been renewed for a second season which will debut (TBD).

Where can I watch equalizer 1?


Is equalizer 3 coming out?

Director Antoine Fuqua wants The Equalizer 3 to happen His response: “Yeah, absolutely.” To this day, we’re still waiting on any official word from the studio, but Fuqua offered a reason to have hope in that 2018 interview. “Sony has brought it up and talked about it,” he revealed.

Why did the bakery explode in equalizer 2?

In the scene sugar or flour is blown in the air by industrial fans and once a spark is introduced a huge explosion occurs. Sugar and flour are extremely energy dense, it’s why we eat them. They also burn readily.

Can flour cause an explosion?

Flour and many other carbohydrates become explosive when they are hanging in the air as dust. … Flour grains are so tiny that they burn instantly. When one grain burns, it lights other grains near it, and the flame front can flash through a dust cloud with explosive force.

What happened to Mr McCall’s wife in equalizer?

At their hotel, Susan is accosted in her room and killed; it is believed that she died during a robbery by two men who got off the elevator on her floor. When he receives the news, McCall begins to investigate both her death and the case she was working on.

Is Queen Latifah The new equalizer?

CBS has renewed “The Equalizer,” starring Queen Latifah, for a second season. The hour-long drama premiered last month in the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot.

What did Edward Woodward died of?

November 16, 2009Edward Woodward/Date of death

How did the equalizer wife die?

Rensen visits Mandy, questioning her about who could have killed Slavi. When Mandy tells him that “a nice man, a black man” had come to visit Alina in the hospital, he kills her to cover his tracks by strangling her to death.

Why did Dave kill Susan in equalizer 2?

He reveals that after he and the other men (who were all taught under McCall in the CIA) believed him to be dead, they got involved in some nasty business, and when Susan nearly found out, Dave killed her himself.