Question: What Does The Joker Call Harley In Suicide Squad?

What was Harley Quinn’s nickname?

The Cupid of CrimeThe Maiden of MischiefThe Mistress of MayhemThe Clown Princess of CrimeHarley Quinn/Notable aliases.

What does Harley call Batman?

I’ve only heard him call Batman “Bats”, but Harley Quinn has some nicknames for him such as “Stupid B-man!” or just “B-man”.

What nicknames does Joker call Harley?

He doesn’t really have a nickname for her like she does for him (Mister J, Puddin’). He’s called her “Harl”, “Harley-girl”, “Pumpkin Pie”, and “Pooh”.

What does the Joker refer to Harley Quinn as?

Speaking with a pronounced Northeastern accent, Harley refers to the Joker as Mistah J and Puddin’, terms of endearment that have since been used in nearly every adaptation in which the two characters appear.