Question: How Old Is Henry On Blue Bloods?

How old is frank on Blue Bloods?

Despite his prudent nature, Frank is quite the family man.

The commissioner is estimated to be in his 60s.

Unlike Cariou’s age, this is quite the compliment since Selleck’s quite a bit older in real life..

What happened to the oldest son Joe on Blue Bloods?

Joe Reagan was an NYPD police detective who died in the line of duty on May 15, 2009 (15 months before the beginning of the series). … He died less than one month before his 32nd birthday.

Why did Linda leave Blue Bloods?

Season 8 of Blue Bloods premiered with a doozy of a bombshell: Linda Reagan, wife of Danny Reagan, was dead after a helicopter accident. In fact, according to Carlson’s Blue Bloods castmates, it was she who decided to make the split. …

How did Frank’s wife die on Blue Bloods?

During the season 8 premiere of Blue Bloods last fall, it was revealed that Linda had died in a helicopter crash. Her death was not shown on camera and had never been hinted at prior to the episode.

Will Joe Hill be a regular on Blue Bloods?

Absolutely, and that’s something that we heard about a rather long time ago. In an interview with Deadline at the start of the season showrunner Kevin Wade noted that they “hopefully” would revisit the Joe character later on this season, but we haven’t seen any firm evidence that he is back as of yet.

How old is the actor who plays the grandfather on Blue Bloods?

Len Cariou was born on Sept. 30, 1939, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The actor is pretty age appropriate playing Henry Reagan, who was born in the 1930s. Although the age is spot on, Cariou is very different from his television character.

Who is the oldest child in blue bloods?

JoeHe also stated that the boys were 19 months apart and Erin was their younger sister. Therefore, Joe is the oldest, then Danny, Erin and Jamie is the youngest.

Who is Tom Selleck’s father in Blue Bloods?

Len CariouMember of the Theatre Hall of Fame. Although he plays Tom Selleck’s father in Blue Bloods (2010), he is only 5 years his senior in real life. Len Cariou sang in both the NYC Broadway “What the World Needs Now” and the Broadway for Orlando on Maya & Marty singing to benefit the LGBT Center of Central Florida.

Who is Danny’s new love interest on blue bloods?

But chances are that after losing his wife, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) will have someone new in his life at some point before the CBS drama (eventually) ends. The obvious option for the NYPD detective is his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez).

What happened to Nicky on Blue Bloods?

She has been on the show since its start in 2010 when she was just 14 years old. Last season, fans of the character were heartbroken when Nicky announced she’d be moving to San Francisco to pursue her career and would no longer be a regular at Sunday dinners.

Is Blue Bloods Based on a true story?

Is the series Blue Bloods based off of a real-life family of law enforcement officers? No. CBS has not stated that it has, and there has been no similar situated family dynasty of Cop/Commissioner Father Son in the NYPD history.