Is There A Job That Pays You To Sleep?

Is there a job that pays you to do nothing?

Imagine: For the rest of your life, you are assigned no tasks at work.

You can watch movies, read books, work on creative projects or just sleep.

Since the position is permanent, you’ll never need to worry about getting another job again.


Is there a job as a bed tester?

As a professional bed tester, your duties involve testing mattresses and bedding for a manufacturing company during the development phase of a new product. … You can also test blankets, pillows, and other sleep products. Some testers evaluate the quality of beds and other elements that affect sleep in hotel rooms.

How can I get 10 lakhs?

Get 9 hours of sleep a night. Do this for 100 days. Those who sleep more than others can win the Sleep Champion of India title. They will be given Rs 10 lakh.

What job makes 300k a year?

Those earning $300,000 per year mostly work in management, law, finance, and medicine. Those earning over $10m per year mostly work in management and finance, though there are significant numbers in sales, real estate, operations, medicine, law, engineering and art at this level.

Can I get paid to watch TV?

Viggle allows users to earn rewards by checking into movies, shows or streaming services. It is free to join, and you will earn perk points for watching any TV show or movie. Perk points can be exchanged for gift cards, prepaid debit card, and prizes such as tablets, headphones, laptops and other goodies.

How can I get rich from doing nothing?

10 Ways to Keep Making Income While IdleWrite a book. Writing a book means you can earn money off of the sales once you’ve published it. … Create an app. … Start a static blog. … Write articles online. … Create a YouTube video. … Take beautiful photos. … Draw and design graphics. … Make a t-shirt.More items…•Oct 31, 2019

Can I be paid to sleep?

(CNN) Sleeping on the job is one thing, but getting paid to do it? That’s what eachnight, a company focused on sleep health, is offering: $1,500 for taking a nap every day for 30 days.

Is there a job that pays you to watch Netflix? will pay someone $500 to watch Netflix and eat pizza. The company will provide the Netflix account and money for pizza and snacks along with the $500 prize. The person hired as a professional binge watcher will required to judge the shows and the pizza.

How can I make money while I sleep?

9 Ways to Make Money While You SleepTurn yourself into a product. … Do fewer things. … Create continuity. … Sell your system cheap and make money on the refills. … Become the middleman. … Become a teacher. … Become an investor. … Think global.More items…•Dec 11, 2017

What is the laziest job in the world?

Let’s look at the best jobs (that pay well!) for people who consider themselves lazy.Survey Taker. There are tons of online sites looking to hire people to take surveys for money. … Online Shopper. … Line Stand-In. … Rideshare Driver. … Librarian. … Food Taster. … Professional Cuddler. … Hotel Sleep Tester.More items…

Is the sleep company good?

Top reviews from India I have been using Sleep Company mattress for more than a month. It’s super comfortable and way better than a memory foam mattress. … I have been using Sleep Company mattress for more than a month. It’s super comfortable and way better than a memory foam mattress.

How much do professional sleepers get paid?

An article on reports that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of professional sleepers is around $15,000 annually. However, this can differ based on numerous factors such as experience, location, company, and time needed.

What is the weirdest job ever?

Here are the top 10 weirdest jobs in the world:8) Full-time Netflix viewer: … 7) Train Pusher: … 6) Professional Mourner: … 5) Snake Milker: … 4) Dog food taster: … 3) Odor Judge: … 2) Marmite Taster: … 1) Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man:More items…

How can I earn money by sleeping in India?

Earn ₹10 Lakhs for 9 hours of sleep for 100 daysThe chance to get paid to sleep.A state of the art mattress to help you get deep sleep.A tracking mechanism to track your sleep.A stipend of ₹1 lakh for each sleep intern.A prize of ₹10 lakhs for the best performing intern or the Sleep Champion.

How do I make quick cash?

The Best Ways to Make Money FastReduce Spending by Refinancing Debts.Earn Quick Cash With Online Surveys.Get Paid to Shop.Collect Cash from Microinvesting Apps.Get paid to drive people in your car.Deliver Food for Local Restaurants.Rent Out a Room in Your House.Score a Bonus with a New Bank Account.More items…•Apr 26, 2021

How do I get paid to watch a movie?

How much money can you earn watching movies?15 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies. InboxDollars ($5 signup bonus) Swagbucks (Earn $5 bonus) MyPoints ($10 bonus) Join a Focus Group. Nielsen. Viggle. SuccessBux. Checker Patrol. Perk.TV. VeriTES Field Force. AppTrailers. In-theater Checks. … Get Paid To Watch Movies In Your Spare Time.Mar 21, 2021

Which company gives money for sleeping?

Bangalore based startup, Wakefit will now pay you ₹1 Lakh to sleep for 9 hours every day. This sleep solution company has a special Wakefit Sleep internship programme, where selected candidates will be asked to sleep for 9 hours a day for 100 days in the comfort of their own home on the mattress provided. Yes!

How can I make $2000 fast?

Here are some realistic ways you can make $2,000 in under 2 weeks.Sell stuff you already own. … Flip items for profit. … Rent your car. … Earn money with dogsitting. … Earn money with food delivery. … Get a temp job. … Post an ad as a repair person or handyman. … Sell knowledge.More items…•Oct 3, 2019

What businesses can make you rich?

25 Businesses That Will Make You a Millionaire in 5 YearsFinancial Services. … Eldercare. … Business Consultancy. … Investment Firm. … Education and Training Service. … Insurtech. … Cleaning Business. … Healthcare Consultancy.More items…•Jul 12, 2019

How can I make passive income in 2020?

18 Passive Income Ideas to Earn Money While You SleepConsider Buying Index Funds. … Review High Dividend Stocks. … Research Money Market Investment Funds. … Pay Off Some Debt. … Examine Real Estate Opportunities. … Consider Peer-to-Peer Lending. … Look into Renting Out Unused Space. … Add to a High-Yield Savings Account.More items…•Jul 7, 2020

Is there a job that pays you to watch anime?

You can make money watching anime. You can also make money watching most television shows and films. … Get a job in Quality Control or Quality Assurance at your favorite anime production house or the post-production company that does work for them. Both of these companies can usually be found in the credits.

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