How Do You Say Good Morning In Sepedi?

What is Hello Sepedi?

General Words and Phrases.


Hello – Dumela.

How are you.


What are you saying in Sepedi?

Useful phrases in Northern SothoPhraseSesotho sa Leboa / Sepedi (Northern Sotho)Hello (General greeting)Dumêlang Thôbêla Helele HaiHello (on phone)How are you?O kae? (“Where are you?”) – sg Le kae? (pl) O phela jwang? (“How are you living?”)Reply to ‘How are you?’Ke gona wena okae? (sg) Re gona lena le kae? (pl)55 more rows

How do you write Sepedi?

Thus when referring to the official language, it is preferable to use the term “Sesotho sa Leboa” or “Northern Sotho”. When referring to the language of the Bapedi, the correct term is “Sepedi”. Sesotho sa Leboa (Northern Sotho) language family tree.

How are you doing in Sepedi?

O dira eng? What are you doing? Ke nako mang?

Where do Pedi originate from?

The ancestors of the Pedi are thought to have settled in the present region about 500 years ago after having migrated from Central Africa. After an initial period of peaceful settlement the Pedi empire arose, built on a number of military conflicts with neighbouring peoples.

How do you say my love in Sepedi?

The 11 official South African languages:English – I love you.Afrikaans – Ek is lief vir jou.Sepedi – Ke a go rata.IsiNdebele – Niyakutanda.IsiXhosa – Ndiyakuthanda.IsiZulu – Ngiyakuthanda.Sesotho – Ke a go rata.SiSwati – Ngiyakutsandza.More items…•Feb 15, 2012

How do you say goodbye in Sepedi?

When saying goodbye to one person you would say Sepela gabotse (‘Go well’) or Šala gabotse (‘Stay/remain well’). When saying goodbye to more than one person, Sepelang gabotse or Šalang gabotse would be used.

What is August in Sepedi?

1(January/Pherekgong) 2(February/Dibokwane) 3(March/Hlakola) 4(April/Mopitlo) 5(May/Moranang) 6(June/Ngwatobosego) 7(July/Mosegamane) 8(August/Phato) 9(September/Lewedi) 10(October/Diphalane) 11(November/Dibatsela) 12(Manthole). A dialect of the Northern Sotho language. … July – Mosegamanye.

How do you say good morning in Lesotho?

This page has forms of greeting using South African Sesotho (SASe), click here for more on how it is done using the orthography of Lesotho Sesotho (LSe)….ENGLISHSESOTHOGood dayDumelaGood morningMmoroHelloHelelePeaceKgotso10 more rows

How do you say my love in African language?

Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief.English – “I love you”Zulu – Ngiyakuthanda.Northern Sotho -Venda-Ndi a ni funa.Pedi-Kea u rata.Ndebele – Ngiyakuthanda.Xhosa – Ndiyakuthanda.More items…

What is Sepedi wife?

noun waɪvz /waɪf/ + grammar.

What is the difference between Sepedi and Northern Sotho?

Much confusion surrounds this term, as Sepedi, the language spoken by the Pedi people, which has been often referred to as Northern Sotho, which is incorrect. … However, Northern Sotho or Sesotho sa Leboa, is not the same as Sepedi. Sepedi is the language of the Pedi people, also known as the BaPedi.

What’s your name in Tswana?

The words rra (sir) and mma (madam) are used in formal phrases….Useful phrases in Tswana.EnglishSetswana (Tswana)What’s your name?Leina le gago ke mang? (frm) O mang? (inf)My name is …Leina la me ke …Where are you from?

What is I love you in Setswana?

I love you!” Ke a lo rata!”

How do you say your beautiful in Sepedi?

Aowa, eupša ke a leboga. You look beautiful. O yo mobotse.

What is beautiful in Sepedi?

beautiful (05) (adj.) – le letle. beautiful (06) (adj.) – a matle.

Is Sepedi Northern Sotho?

Northern Sotho, or Sesotho sa Leboa as an endonym, is a Sotho-Tswana language spoken in the northeastern provinces of South Africa. It is sometimes referred to as Pedi or Sepedi, its main dialect, through synecdoche.